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Price List

Emcare Travel Vaccine Price List

Services and Price List
We ask all clients to come to our clinic for consultation so our travel health nurse can assess key details about your trip and advise on appropriate vaccinations. We will ask you to complete a travel questionnaire which you will find on our web site (please give as much information as you can about your trip). Alternatively we can email this to you for completion.


VaccineCost Per Dose
Hepatitis A – Adult £49
Hepatitis A – Child £49
Hepatitis A + Typhoid£82
Yellow Fever£58
Japanese B Encephalitis * £89
Rabies *£55
Diphtheria/ Tetanus/ Polio£32
Hepatitis B – Adult * £50
Hepatitis B – Child *£40
Influenza- seasonal Variable
Typhoid £30
Typhoid Tablets£30
Hepatitis A + B *£67
Hepatitis A + B – Child *£59
Meningitis ACWY (Menveo)£70
Meningitis B * (To be paid upfront, please
phone to enquire about current cost)
Tickborne Encephalitis *£65
Tickborne Encephalitis – Child *£65
Cholera (price for full course of 2 doses) £56
Chicken Pox per dose* (To be paid upfront)£65
* two or more doses required

Tuberculosis (TB)

TB Skin Test (Mantoux test) £75
TB Blood test (QuantiFERON- Gold Test) £165
BCG Vaccination £65

Please note: Prices listed are per dose. Prices are subject to change without prior notice.
Please leave as much time as possible to prepare for vaccinations before you travel!

Anti – Malarial Tablets

Malarone – Adult (per tablet)£3.75
Malarone – Child (per tablet) £1.50
Atovaquone/proguanil (per tablet)£2.75
Doxycycline (per tablet) £0.61
Larium (per tablet) £4.50

Altitude sickness tablets

Acetazolamide [Diamox] (per tablet)£0.95

Please note: We cannot offer refunds or accept returns on anti-malarial and altitude medications.

Other Services

Yellow Fever Exemption Certificate£20
Yellow Fever Duplicate Certificate£15
Blood Tests – for further information please ask Various
HIV testing (for visa and medical clearance only)£50
Bespoke First Aid Kits – made to orderVarious

A £20 consultation fee is payable but will be waived if vaccinations and/anti-malarials/ or altitude sickness tablets are subsequently supplied on the same day.

Cancellation Policy
Emcare Travel Clinic asks that clients give us at least 48hrs notice if appointments need to be rescheduled or cancelled.


More than 48hrs notice No fee
Less than 48hrs notice£15

* two or more doses are required